Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to 6: Use Iphone as a Sweet Assistant

What you may have experiences:  Keep time is essential for anyone who wants to be responsible, to achive goalds, to be healthy, and to be loved. We may forget an important thing we promised, we may forget a deadline, we may forget birthday for important persons, we may even forget to have meal while forcsing on something important! With the assistance of an iPhone, you may avoid many of these problems.

What I suggest you to do: iPhone comes with two distinct functions can help you solve many of the problems: Calendar and Alarm. For example, you can program the birthday of all important persons you want to remember into your calendar, set them as "once a year" for ever, and remind you at least "one day" in advance. If you tend to forget lunch while working (like me), you may set your alarm,say at 12:30 and name it as "Lunch Call". Your iPhone will call you everyday. If you do not want it to call you during the weekend, you simply set the alarm for the week days.  It is that easy.

Experience in Using an Iphone: How to #5: Nike Plus iPod for Workout

Experience in Using an Iphone: How to #5: Nike Plus iPod for Workout: "What is experienced : I was very happy while I got my iPhone 4 because I noted that it contains the Nike + iPod application, which may great..."

How to #5: Nike Plus iPod for Workout

What is experienced: I was very happy while I got my iPhone 4 because I noted that it contains the Nike + iPod application, which may greatly enhance my outdoor exercise. It even excited more after hearing some blog says that no sensor is needed for iPhone with 3G. However, while I tried to use the function, it always ask me "walk around to activate the sensor."  Although the voice is beautiful and encouraging, I could never be able to activate the sensor (I assume that a sensor may have already been built in) by running for several miles, jumping (worry if my running is too weak to activate the sensor).  With much dismay, I decided to give up, but just could not...

What happened and what can be done: What happened is that no sensor was built in iPhone 4, even though the Nike + iPod application is so appealing (I really hope that this be clearly indicated). If you want to use it, there are two options: (1) Buy a sensor from Nike; and (2) download and install a Nike + GPS app ($1.99).  Option 1 works perfect no matter you do exercise indoor or outdoor, and option 2 works well only outdoor because it needs to receive the signal from the satellite, which often works outside of a building.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to #4: Calendar Year Becomes 2554 BE, not 2011

What has been experienced:  Suddenly in a day when checking the calender, you may note that the month and date are all correct, but the year become "2554 BE".  Very stronger, we know now it is 2011, and what we learned about the records of year are only two types: AD or BC.

What you can do to fix: Select Settings, then General, then International, and set the Calendar ti "Gregorian"

Why: The BE year is used by some countries who believe in Buddhist. For them, year 2011 = 2554 BE.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to #3: Iphone Becomes Slower and Slower

What you experienced: Your iphone becomes slower and slower after certain time of use.

What you can do: Free some space in your iphone by deleting the old files, including movies, video clips, photos, songs, particularly movies and videos that occupy a large space in your phone.

Why: When less free space is left on your phone, the phone cannot work efficiently. If you need to keep a large number of files on your phone, better to buy one with large memories, such as those with 32G or 64G memories.

How to #2: 3G Function Does Not Work

What you experienced:  The 3G function stopped working for an iphone with 3G function. In this case, you may not be able to text, to surf the web or to get your email if you are away from home without a Wi-Fi connection.

What you can do: Turn your phone off, wait for 30 second to a minute, and then turn it on.

Why: Unless there are hardware problems, the 3G function stops work is most likely due to software problem, like a froze compute.  By turning off and turning on, you bring the phone back to its normal status.

How to #1: Very Large Font Preventing Iphone from Operation

What you experienced: The font (the size of a word) of the iphone becomes so big that is not possible to even touch or slide any icons.
What you can do: Use three figures to tap on the screen will bring back the normal screen.
Why it works?  Three-figure tapping will turn off the zoom function. If you accidentally turn on the zoom function, you may experience this problem.

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